About Eileen

I’m Eileen Walker Vierra, and I love to honor people and families by helping them preserve their stories and memories.

I’ve worked in many different fields since graduating from Santa Clara University with two degrees, from banking to teaching, and even as a tour guide for T-Mobile Park and the Seattle Mariners! (A dream of mine is to see all of the ballparks in the major leagues.) But throughout most of my life, one thing has remained constant: scrapbooking. I love creating things that tell a story, that can be held and felt, that are cherished for years to come. 

That love only intensified when my husband, Tony, and I adopted our son in 2000. Soon, we had tons of photos of Ben, and I found myself scrapbooking during his naps and whatever downtime I could find.


Then I learned about Creative Memories—and not only did it provide that flexibility, it also combined my love of entrepreneurship with my skill at scrapbooking. After getting started, I quickly realized that my business was going to go way beyond selling products: My clients needed time and space to use the things they were buying from me! Otherwise the photos would go unpreserved, the stories untold, and the albums, paper, and tools would collect dust in a closet somewhere. That’s when I created my Saturday Workshops. When Ben went to kindergarten and my free time expanded, “Coffee Crops” daytime workshops were born. And most recently, I added Weekend Scrapbooking Retreats to my offerings. 

Today, I consider myself an educator, a scrapbooker, and a facilitator. I don’t just provide scrapbook and photo book supplies, I show people how to use them. I provide the space where they can design their own books and be part of a social, supportive community. And if they don’t have the time or the desire to do it themselves, I create professional scrapbooks and photo books for them. Because everyone has stories they want to tell, photos of memories they want to preserve.

If you would like help with yours....

What Our Clients Say

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"Seeing Tyler's face as he looked at the pages of his life Eileen had created, and hearing him say he had always wanted an album of his own, are moments that touched my heart. I will never forget it, it was priceless!”

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"Eileen helps people get connected with their memories and why they took the photos in the first place—to share them with the people they love.”

Memory Books by Eileen
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