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Whether you want a professional photo book or scrapbook, your photos, mementos and other items—recipes, newspaper clippings, cards or notes, almost anything you can think of—can be transformed into a beautiful, cohesive book that tells a story. 

Scrapbooks and photo books are like time machines: They help you revisit a specific period in your life or events that might be hard to remember as you get older. Like all the funny things your kids did as you were raising them. The years of family gatherings with Grandma and Grandpa. Even that amazing vacation you took in Europe. These books are a great way to teach children about their family history—many love seeing what life was like before they were born!


Better yet, these books are tangible—something unique and special in today’s digital age. There’s something about turning through pages, feeling the paper, even touching the photos. It’s something you just can’t get from scrolling through pictures on your phone or looking at them on your computer. 

And the best part? I can do all the work for you with my photo book and scrapbook services! (Well, not all the work; I’ll need you to provide the photos and mementos, and help fill me in on the chronology so I can create something that is perfectly personalized.)

I’d love to hear about your project.

Photo Book Wedding Project


  1. Answer a few questions about what you are looking for in your Custom Photo Book when booking a free consult here. We will review this information together so I can learn about your project and the story you want to tell.
  2. Upon acceptance of the project, pay a 50% deposit to get your book in the queue. (Pricing is detailed below.)
  3. Provide digital and traditional photos, along with memorabilia and other items, for scanning and/or placement in the book.
  4.  Review the book either in person or via photos online, and offer feedback for any changes or additions. At this stage, an additional 25% of the project cost is due.
  5. After revisions, do a final review and sign off on the book design.
  6.  I order the printed copy or copies of your photobook, or finalize your scrapbook.
  7. The remaining 25% of the project cost (plus any cost for additional scrapbook pages or additional photo books) is due upon receipt of your photo book or scrapbook.

*INCLUDES ONE copy of book (see sizes below)

*Professionally customized pages and text

*Photos and memorabilia scanned as needed, digital photo editing as needed

Creation Fee * Pages
$500+tax  1 to 21
$550+tax  1 to 31
$600+tax  1 to 41
$650+tax  1 to 51
$700+tax  1 to 61
$750+tax  1 to 71
$800+tax  1 to 81
$900+tax  1 to 99
Additional Photo Books
with Standard binding
pages 1-21
+ tax & shipping
Additional Photo books
with standard binding
22-99 pages
+ tax & shipping
Layflat Binding
+ tax & shipping
12x12 Leather cover
with Layflat binding
+ tax & shipping
Price per
10 extra pages
(5 sheets=10 pages)
8x8 Hardbound $40 $60 - $180 $70 N/A $20
10x10 Hardbound $60 $80 - $200 $90 N/A $20
12x12 Hardbound $85 $105 - $225 $115 add $50 $20
8x8 Softbound $25 $40 - $140 N/A N/A $20
10x10 Softbound $35 $55 - $175 N/A N/A $20
12x12 Softbound $40 $60- $180 N/A N/A $20

What Our Clients Say

  • Theresa-Baker


“We hired Eileen when we placed our parents in an assisted living facility. She transformed our digital pictures into six different photo books—we are now able to easily look at the photos with our parents, who suffer from dementia. It has created memories that we will always cherish.”

Memory Books by Eileen
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