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Many people want to build their own scrapbook or photo book, but find it hard to get started or run into challenges along the way. Do you have a pile of old pictures, slides, or clippings, but no way to scan them? Do you have thumb drives full of digital photos, but don’t know how to choose the best ones and print them? Do you need advice on what design and products would work best for your project? Is there one frustrating obstacle you can’t quite figure out? 

After almost 40 years of scrapbooking, I’ve seen it all—I can help you through whatever challenge you’re facing! And if you’ve started a project but just can’t seem to get it done, I’m here to take it across the finish line with my scrapbook and photo book “rescue” service. Because in the end, what matters most is what’s in the book, not necessarily who created it.


  1. Answer a few questions about what you are looking for in your Custom Scrapbook when booking a free consult here. We will review this information together so I can learn about your project and the story you want to tell.
  2. Upon acceptance of the project, pay a 50% deposit to get your book in the queue. (Pricing is detailed below.)
  3. Provide digital and traditional photos, along with memorabilia and other items, for scanning and/or placement in the book.
  4.  Review the book either in person or via photos online, and offer feedback for any changes or additions. At this stage, an additional 25% of the project cost is due.
  5. After revisions, do a final review and sign off on the book design.
  6.  I order the printed copy or copies of your photo book or finalize your scrapbook.
  7. The remaining 25% of the project cost (plus any cost for additional scrapbook pages or additional photo books) is due upon receipt of your photo book or scrapbook.
24-32 Archival quality predecorated pages or “naked pages” in a book cloth cover $250 plus 10% tax
24-32 Archival quality Semi-Custom pages in a book cloth cover $350 plus 10% tax
24-32 Custom pages in a book cloth cover $450 plus 10% tax
additional groups of 24-32 pages $250 additional plus 10% tax


·      Photo scanning
·      Slide scanning
·      Film scanning
·      Memorabilia scanning
·      Photo printing for in-studio projects
·      Design advice and support
·      Product selection support
·      Scrapbook and photo book project “rescue”

Pricing for photo scanning and advisory services varies by project

Scrapbook Growing Up Memories

What Our Clients Say

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“Eileen is incredible and organized on so many levels. She communicates events and layout ideas both digitally and personally, and she’s always ready to help. Eileen is a blessing in my life and to my memory preservation.”

Memory Books by Eileen
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