Honoring Mom

June 2021

Honoring Mom

By Eileen Vierra, Chief Creation Officer, Memory Books by Eileen


Looking For Professional Memory Book Services

In February, I got a call from Dan in Alaska.  “I want to make a book about letters from my mom to her parents in the 1950’s and 1960’s and some kids letters.  I have everything ready to go and have transcribed the letters and saved them on a flash drive.  Please put her airmail envelope on the cover, two postcards of float planes on the first page, drawings my sister made of rabbits and a horse on the title pages and a store newsletter in the back.  Everyone I have contacted wants to show me how to CREATE this photo book.  I do not want to do that.  I want someone else to put this together.  Can you help me?” “Yes, as a matter of fact I can,” was my response.

“How did you find me?” I replied. “I Googled custom memory books or memory photo albums or scrapbooks or something like that…and your name came up”  I am so glad Dan found my website, MemoryBooksbyEileen.com. It was such an honor to create his photo book for him because he knew exactly what he wanted and where he wanted it.  “Why don’t you include a couple of letters with you mom’s handwriting on them for me to include in the books somewhere?” I recommended.  “That’s a great idea!”, he replied. “Now where do I send this?”

Creating Dan’s “Letters From Mom” Photo Book

Dan was SO organized.  He knew exactly what he wanted and was able to explain it to me very clearly. His package arrived in a few days and he had even sketched a couple of drawings of what went where in the layout.  I got to focus on the fun, creative part: picking what digital art to use in my Artisan software program and how to display  his important letters and pieces of cherished memorabilia that he wanted to include. After that, we Zoomed and I showed him what I had created so far.  I recommended a few photos…of his mom who wrote those letters about her life in Alaska. Photos of his Grandma and Grandpa in Seattle who received and saved these letters, of fish and fishing boats, of his dad and cousins…we collaborated, and it came together.

The End Result

Shortly after shipping off his photo books, I received this note. “I sent out books to my family, at least 7 so far, and everyone who has seen the book was blown away!  They loved everything about it! They wondered how I found you…” MemoryBooksbyEileen.com

Here’s what Dan had to say about working with me: “A great experience!  Eileen is so professional and excellent at her job.  Not only is she great to work with (and super friendly) which puts you at ease: she is very efficient, skillful and knowledgeable.  With her expertise, she helped me put together a project I am very proud of.”


Digital Forever products used to create and print Dan’s professional photo book: Artisan software and Vintage Memories Traveler Bundle digital art available at: www.MemoryBooksbyEileen.com/shop or www.forever.com/ambassador/eileen-vierra

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