How My Memory Book Business and I Survived the Pandemic

May 2021

How My Business and I Survived the Pandemic   

By Eileen Vierra, Chief Creation Officer, Memory Books by Eileen      

Time Flies…

It has almost been a year since my last Blog.  I can’t believe how time has flown.  Spring is a great time for a new beginning, a time for a fresh start.  Just because I have not posted, does not mean my business was on pause…actually, my professional scrapbook and photo book business was busier than ever.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom…

Thank goodness for Zoom.  I PIVOTED and used Zoom for my weekly, monthly scrapbooking workshops and even my Fall Retreat (with masks and social distancing of course!) New crafters from New Jersey, Michigan and Tennessee joined us.  I held a socially distanced hybrid retreat event in last October, when it was safe to do so, at 50% capacity and additional clients Zooming in.  My clients have REPEATEDLY told me how grateful they are that we could have social time and stay connected! To find my offerings, go to

In the Professional Memory Book Services aspect of my business, Zoom enabled me to meet with potential clients in Maryland, California and Alaska.  Clients sent me photos in the mail or via Google drives, some even while we were still Zooming. Zooming made it possible, when only a few years ago, this would not have been conceivable. Go to to learn more or book a 1 hour complimentary consult.

I was also able to continue selling scrapbooking products out of my Studio via Facetime or Zoom by “showing” clients when they had to “see” what they needed.  There were porch pick-ups, porch drop-offs and lots of mailing going on as well as online ordering at

Maintaining Physical Health…

Like so many people, I took LOTS of walks in and around my neighborhood to relax and enjoy the fresh air. When the sun is shining, there is no more beautiful place on earth than the PNW. And of course, I made sour dough starter and baked my brains out.

Preserving Mental Health…

When time permitted, I scrapbooked my own memories too.  It was FUN and nostalgic to relive 2019. We took trips to Arizona, California, Chicago, and saw baseball games in 3 different ballparks.  I got to see 4 concerts!  Two concerts were at a local winery, outdoors under the stars. To honor my father’s memory, my mom, my sisters and I attended a concert of my father’s favorite singer, Willie Nelson.  Then, a month later I got the see MY favorite singer, Chris Daughtry, and take photos with him, of course!  I also got to take the trip that I won in 2018, a trip to Disneyland compliments of a radio station 92.5!  It is like I stocked up on all of the FUN I could possibly have because I was going to need it in 2020.  What a treat it was to relive ALL of those memories again!

Lessons Learned…

My lessons from the pandemic were: be open to new ways of doing things (Zoom and Facetime), take care of yourself (get exercise, fresh air and stay connected to people),  take time to be grateful for blessings (journal) and relive important photos, memories and stories that warm the heart and give hope by preserving them in scrapbooks or photo books.


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