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Weddings, Babies and Vacations are the 3 most popular themes for scrapbooks and photo books. Since February is the month of Valentines, I will focus on LOVE related scrapbooks and photo books (“books”).

Wedding Books

Wedding Books are top of mind for newly married couples. After spending many months planning a beautiful wedding that flies by, they want to preserve the memories of their special day for years to come. Maybe the photographer created a book, maybe they made it themselves, or maybe a professional like me created it. Now they are done, right? The wedding is documented, but what about their marriage? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a book that tells the whole story of their relationship?

Anniversary Books

Anniversary Books can do that. Prior to my 25th Anniversary, I gathered some photos from each year of our marriage with the idea of creating a 12×12 scrapbook page for each year together. I also created a page showing when we met and our dating life. This album depicts our love story from the beginning to current day; it is great to do in scrapbook form as I can add pages to it. I can also add memorabilia like anniversary cards through the years. It is a treat looking back through time, seeing the fun we have had together, and reflecting on how our love has grown.



A client hired me to create a 50th Anniversary Book for her in-laws. The book started with their wedding in 1960 and included photos of: their life together before children, photos of their children’s births, trips, graduations, weddings, grandchildren’s births, birthdays, and retirements from their respective careers. This book celebrated the important milestones of their lives together. What a testament to the life they created and a great model for the next two generations!



Valentine/Love Books

Valentine/Love Books are often fun and playful while serving an important purpose. I created my 8×8 Valentine scrapbook in 2004, using framed photos from around the house. I cut down the clutter while consolidating fun photos of our life together. By creating this special Valentine book (and occasionally rereading it), I recall the many reasons I fell in love with my husband, and it reminds him of why he is loved. Since marriage is not always easy, this book is a good, tangible reminder of our love when times are difficult.



Each year Creative Memories produces a new, unique “heart” scrapbook cover with coordinating paper to celebrate those we love. Whether it’s Wedding, Anniversary, Valentines or another occasion, consider using an album like this to honor someone special in your life.


Memory Books by Eileen
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