Memory Books and the Holidays…Ways to Preserve Precious Memories


There are many themes for Scrapbooks and Photo Books and it seems like I hear of new ones all of the time. One client recently made a scrapbook of ALL the pets she’s ever owned over her 60 year lifetime. She made pages and shared stories of dogs, cats and birds that filled up an entire book of lovely pet memories.  Even though pet books are becoming more common, the top 3 Memory Book themes are: Baby, Wedding and Vacation Books. Since we are into the holidays, I’ll discuss types of Holiday Memory Books…

Family Yearbook Albums

Personally, I add Thanksgiving photos and Christmas photos to my family yearbook albums. I pull a scrapbook off my shelf and relive a particular year in time. It’s fun to remember the events of the year, culminating in a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and Christmas family celebrations.


Holiday Card Albums

Another Memory Book I add to annually is my Holiday Card scrapbook of the photo cards we receive every year. One scrapbook can fit 2-3 years of my photo cards. Before the Holidays, I pull out a Holiday Card album and put it on the coffee table. My husband, son and our guests delight in seeing cards from last year or a decade ago! Many of my clients like to preserve these holiday card memories in a scrapbook every year too.

Holiday Theme Albums

Some clients like to create a Holiday themed album and add photos to it each year. One new client told me recently how much she LOVES looking at the holiday scrapbooks her mom lays out this time of year! Now she’s excited to create holiday scrapbooks for her little ones to enjoy now and for years to come…Creative Memories introduces a Christmas Collection and a Winter Collection every year. This year we have the “Merry Little Christmas” Collection and the “Winterberry” Collection. Both collections have predecorated pages, so you “just add photos”! (On the ribbon of this website, click on “Shop” and “Traditional Scrapbooks and Products” if you would like to see these collections in more detail.)

Santa Albums

Last year, a client hired me to create 2 matching Santa albums. One scrapbook she gave to her mother for a Christmas gift and the other one she kept for herself. The scrapbooks were made up of annual Santa portraits from the time that she and her brother were born, continuing with the annual Santa portraits of her small children, now 7 & 5. I decorated extra pages so she can just adhere the portraits she gets every year. What a treat for everyone in the family to relive this fun family tradition of the annual visit to see Santa!


Whichever Holiday album you decide to create, or have me create for you, a scrapbook captures important holiday photos and stories, and can help you pass down family traditions that explain what makes your family special!

Memory Books by Eileen
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